Updated: 03/04/03

One of the most infamous bands to emerge from the Japanese Black Metal scene, Abagail arrived on US soil to perform a West Coast tour, leaving havoc and devastation within their wake. In the aftermath, I had a chance to talk with Yasuyuki and discuss their music and pillaging of America.

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Abagail and how long the band has been together?

Hello I'm Yasuyuki. Abigail was formed in 92 by Youhei on drums and Yasuyuki on bass and vokills. Guitar player Asuka joined the band in February 2002.

Where in Japan are you from and what is the Black Metal scene like there?

We are living in Tokyo. Japanese black metal scene is very poor. We are always playing small venues and a maximum of 100 people come to the show. It's terrible. Black metal is not popular in Japan. But I can recommend some cool bands like Sigh, Sabbat, Metalucifer, etc.

Have you ever had any problems being a metal band or doing lives shows in Japan because of your country's politics, customs or traditions?

We don't have trouble with politics and customs. There is no interesting underground black metal. I think hard core and oi punk bands have trouble with politics and police.

How have the shows here on the West Coast been going?

We played 8 shows in West Coast. Especially SF and Seattle are great response.

ave you met any cool sleazy American metal chicks yet? Do you have groupie chicks that follow you around in Japan?

I met a lot of cool metal women and groupies in West Coast tour. I love blond hair and Mexican girls. They are nasty. Yes we have few groupies in Japan. Sometime I fucked with bitch after shows. Ha ha.

How does the overall metal audience here in the States compare to the fans in Japan?

USA audiences are fucking great. A lot of guys headbanging. Then I'm very surprised cause many punks came to show. It's unbelievable in Japan. Japanese audiences are very silent. But there are few cool maniaxs in here. Anyway I'm really happy a lot of US audiences enjoyed our shows.

When you named your band, did you name it after the infamous King Diamond album Abigail?

Yes our band’s name is taken from a King Diamond album. I love this album all of times. Also my ex-girlfriend’s name was Abigail.

If you had to describe your music to a very old relative, what would you say?

Black thrash metal. Our main influence is from 80's thrash like Venom, Sodom, Hellhammer, Bulldozer, NME, At War, Carnivore, etc. Also I like black metal bands like Darkthrone, Mayhem.

What does the term "Satanism" mean to you, if anything.

Violence, kill and destruction. Also I'm into sex and violence.

Do you know Sigh and have you ever played any shows with them?

Yes Sigh is my best pal since early 90's. I love that music and latest album are best Japanese black metal stuff. Then now I'm playing session bass on Sigh gigs. Then I played bass on Sigh US tour in May. Response was fucking great. If they need help on future gigs, I'll be playing bass on Sigh gigs.

What are the future plans for Abagail? Any new recordings coming up?

We just released our first album Intercourse and Lust Nuclear War Now Prods. It's including one bonus track. Then Sexual Metal Holocaust split LP with Barbatos is out on Bestial Onslaught Productions. It's including live and studio unreleased tracks. New album Forever Street Metal Bitch! will be out on Drakkar Prods in next year.

Do you have any messages for US metal fans?

A lot of thanks showing up at our West Coast tour. We very much enjoyed our first USA tour. See you soon.

If the world were to come to an end, what song would you like to hear before the final explosion?

It's very hard question. Maybe Bulldozer' Ilona The Very Best.

Watch for Yasuyuki's side project, Barbatos, who have a new release coming out soon on Displeased Records!


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