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Just coming off the Death Across America tour, Beyond The Embrace is gaining many a metal fan due to their heavy music, killer live shows, and the three guitar assault team. Their excellent Metal Blade release is entitled Against The Elements and it reigns supreme! Read on to find out about Beyond The Embrace, their tours, groupies, and a really strange dream the singer has chosen to share with the world.

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Beyond The Embrace, and how long the band has been together.

Hey man, this is Shawn and I'm the singer for this damn band. We have been around for about two and a half years, give or take.

Where is the band from and what is the music scene like there?

We are from New Bedford, MA. The music scene near us is rather lousy, it is geared more for hardcore crossover kind of bands. Of course north of us you have Shadows Fall, and they are doin' really well, and other bands in that vain. Our music is more derived from traditional metal so we sometimes don't fit into that whole clique. We do have some really dedicated fans in our area, so that rocks, the fact that people like us is flattering enough. It doesn't matter that the scene is kinda weak.

How did you wind up getting signed to Metal Blade?

Our demo CD was reviewed in BW&BK magazine from Canada. They gave us an excellent review, Metal Blade took notice, and the record deal ensued.

If you had to describe your music to a very old person, what would you say?

How old of a person?? he he. Well usually we would ask them if they are familiar w\Iron Maiden or Metallica etc…( a good startin' point). We would describe ourselves as Iron Maiden on steroids or somethin' like that (he he) . Anyone who has never heard of Maiden chances are won't like us, so we tell them…well, "it's heavy"…doesn't sound like the Rolling stones man!! Of course people like the instrumentals with acoustic guitars etc…, but are usually turned off by the vocals.

How did the Death Across America tour go? Any strange incidents happen?

The tour kicked ass!! All the bands we played with were awesome cats, man! We learned a lot and had fun. It sucks bein' back home to my shitty job and mundane life… I'm miserable… time to write some more lyrics (heh). One incident that stands out was us, somewhere in the Utah's Monument Valley, walking down one of those roads that wrap around a huge rock formation. The place you are not supposed to drive a van pulling a damn trailer. We got out and walked because we were scared shitless we were gonna fall off the edge…the van had too much weight in it. It was funny…there was no one around except some old biker, he looked at us like we were fucking aliens or somethin'. All of the other bands were on the interstate safe and sound…and here's Beyond The Damn Embrace hiking down some stupid hill 2 miles…food for the damn vultures.

Overall, what has been the best and worst part of touring?

The best part is everything…the worst part is that it doesn't last forever!!

What were your impressions of this year's Milwaukee Metalfest and how did the show go?

Well I thought the fest kinda sucked, just my opinion. We played @ 2:00 in the afternoon, but I must say got a kick ass response!!! People just kept gathering around, it was kick ass!! I don't really like a lot of the bands that played… I was all revved up to see Angel Dust and they didn't show up?? Crap!!

With three guitarists in the band, is there any difficulty deciding who is going to do what part? What has been the best and worst part about having three guitarists?

We usually split the harmonies between Jeff and Alex, Oscar plays the leads. We give the other guys the stuff that most suits their style of playing… Jeff being more of a rhythm oriented player, and Alex as more of a technical player. Everyone does their job well!! Having three guitars is rad, because we play everything we write and record live!! No overdubs or studio bullshit!! That is why we use 3 guitars, so we don't rip people off live. Sometimes it sucks when you write a riff that is more geared towards 2 guitars, and you don't know what to give th3 3rd, because you don't want to take focus from the main riff…we do our best, and learn as we go! We have gotten some slack, people saying that we don't use the 3 guitars good… all I can say is listen again…then come see us live.

What does the album title Against The Elements mean to you?

It is about our constant struggle against the elements of life and humanity. The forces that keep us down, the machine or the bending sea as I like to call it. We are molded since we are born to follow the norm… I say fuck all that… find your own path… but watch out… the seas are deep (he he).

What are some of the ideas that inspire you when writing the lyrics?

I am inspired by the world I see around me, and the crazyness in my head… it is a weird place up there sometimes. I just write, I never took it too seriously until now, I am not very political, I just throw some ideas of mine out there. I try to leave the interpretation to the listener. Let it mean whatever you want, I know what they mean to me… but it's not so clean cut.

Are there any Beyond The Embrace groupies lurking about the world?

If there are I wish they would identify themselves (he he)…see you on tour!!

What are the future plans for Beyond The Embrace?

To tour as much as possible and continue to write what we feel is good music, be true to ourselves as musicians…or at least semi-musicians.

Do you believe that Britney Spears is the true goddess of all mankind?

Yes… of course.

Do you have any messages for metal fans who might be interested in checking out your music?

Don't be afraid… do it!! Hope you like it. And remember… "the power is in the crowd 'cause we all love it loud!!" -lizzy borden

If the world were to suddenly come to an end, what would be the last song you'd want to hear before the final explosion?

I have always assumed it to be Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, by Iron Maiden. But it could also be Farewell, by Sentenced… for the lyrics "I regret every single day, I ever lived in my life… I gave all I had to give and it's time to say goodbye." He he love that negative shit!! Awesome question by the way!! I have a cool dream I had about that… I'll tell ya because who cares right?? Alright, I'm on my death bed, everyone's sad and shit cause I'm dyin' but my cuz' Adam is not there (Adam the bass player). I'm pissed cause I have minutes to live. Then I hear the song blarin' (Loneliness…) Adam walks in with a boombox and I smile and die!! Cool eh?? Well, whatever, thanks for the interview…it was fun!


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