Updated: 03/27/03

Cradle Of Filth on a major label!!! All this, and the controversial band will be making their way to the States, headlining the side stage at Ozzfest this year! Their latest album is entitled Damnation And A Day, and it's a truly intense affair. We recently conducted an email interview with guitarist Paul Allender to find out all the latest info on the mighty COF...

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Cradle Of Filth and how long you've been in the band?
Hi all my name is Paul and I'm the guitarist from Cradle of Filth, I've been in the band for about 5 yrs on and off.

With members coming and going in COF, just how terrifying is Dani Filth to work with?
Terrifying, ha! He's just a normal bloke doing a job, the same as the rest of us.

Are you surprised to find your latest album released on a major label here in the States?
No not really, When we signed with Sony, they told us that the contract would be worldwide.

How do you feel about the underground Black Metal bands who think that it's selling out to be signed to a major label?
I think its fucking crap! They don't realize that us being in a position that we are, we are opening the doors for up and coming bands in the same style of music, plus they're pissed off because we're here and they're not.

How much writing input did you have on the songs on Damnation And A Day, and is it a concept album? If so, what is the concept?
The concept we left up to Dani, and all the writing was done by all of us, we share the writing process equally.

Have you played with COF here in the States, and if so, how did the tours go? Impressions of the States?
Yes, the tour was for Midian, it went pretty fucking cool. I remember Texas the most because its so fucking hot, and the fans all over were just so fucking mad, cool!

How did you wind up on the US version of Ozzfest and have you actually meet Ozzy or Sharon yet?
We were just asked to do it, I don't know the ins and outs of it, but hey how fucking cool is that. I have not met Sharon or Ozzy yet but when I do I have loads of Sabbath questions to ask.

Are you worried about how the nu-metal fans will react when you guys take to the stage here in the States at Ozzfest?
No, we do what we do and we do it fucking well, and anyone we play to will be converted to the way of the Filth.

What do you think of the Cradle Of Filth tribute album that was just released on Deadline/Cleopatra Records?
Cool, what more can I say.

Do you have any other projects outside of COF?
COF takes up all my time and to be dedicated to this band needs 100% loyalty, therefore there is no time for side projects.

Do you despise Hecate Enthroned as much as Dani Filth does?
No, I don't like them but each to there own.

What do you think of Dimmu Borgir and do you guys still stay in touch with Nick Barker?
Like I said "Each to there own" and no, we don't keep in touch.

What can we expect from a live COF show, especially the Ozzfest performances?
Lots of very cool stuff, we're really going for it this time.

Any messages for longtime COF fans and/or the new hordes of fans you'll undoubtedly make?
See you at the Ozzfest. You think you know us, but fucking wait till you see us this time! Stay true and Black.

If the world were to suddenly come to an end, what song would you like to hear before the final explosion?
If that was to happen, surely you wouldn't get a chance to listen to music because the big bang would be a surprise.


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