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After playing the Milwaukee Metalfest last year, one was expecting Darkane to tour and take the States by storm. The Swedish band has yet to return, but have released a brand new album on Nuclear Blast entitled Expanding Senses. We recently spoke with guitarist Klas Idelberg to find out about the new album, a possible US tour, and more stories from the twisted plastic nightmare! Read onÖ

Introduce yourself, tell us what you do in Darkane, and how long the band has been together.

Klas Ideberg: My name is Klas and Iím one of the guitarists in Darkane. The band has been together since January of í98 Ė with Peter, Christofer and JŲrgen. And then I joined a few months later. Then of course we had a few changes with the vocalists and Andreas finally joined forces with us in March of 99.

How does Expanding Senses compare to the previous releases?

The main difference between the albums Ė with Expanding Senses, itís groovier than compared to Insanity. Insanity is much more complex, especially with the drums. Peter did a lot of complex stuff on drums Ė and heís kind of questioning himself now Ė ďHow did I do that?Ē (Laughs) But this time we wanted to have a little bit more groove and feeling to it, so you donít have to listen to the album ten times before you actually grasp it. And of course, we wanted to vary the material a bit more, so thatís why we did a few heavy songs like Innocence Gone and Chaos Vs Order. And of course the production is better, and thereís a more heavy feeling to it compared to the other ones. If we speak about the fast material, itís more equal to Rusted Angel. Itís a little bit more straightforward and easy to listen to than Insanity as well. So we wanted to do a mix between Rusted Angel and Insanity plus pull in a few heavy songs too.

You mentioned Chaos Vs Order, which featured both the old and new Darkane vocalist. What was that like recording?

It was kind of cool. I wasnít in the studio when they recorded it though. I think it was Peter and Lawrence who discussed it. Peter said like ďIt would be cool if you sang a little bit on the albumĒ and Lawrence said, ďHell yeah, letís do that.Ē So he came into the studio and do some very good stuff. And he actually influenced Andreas to do a better job on the vocals. Lawrence is a very professional guy when it comes to singing Ė heís got a lot of great ideas so he kind of pushed Andreas as well Ė so that was a very cool thing to do. And it sounds cool with two voices. But you canít hear that much difference between them though. But of course when you hear it a couple of times, you can hear it. But it a quite relaxed thing and it only took a day to do.

Do you plan on featuring both vocalists in a live show?

Well yeah, if we play in Lawrenceís hometown or in Stockholm we will do it. Otherwise we will not do it. It will be too much of a hassle to organize, because heís got a few bands in his hometown, so he doesnít have a lot of time. And that was one of the reasons that he isnít with the band, because he wanted to focus on his other projects. And of course we accepted that.

I wanted to ask you about the plastic photo shoot that you guys did a few years ago. Was that fun to do or what?

Yeah it was, but it was very warm though. W had like half a centimeter of plastic around our bodies so it was really hot. We had to puncture holes for the nose so we could breathe. We couldnít speak. We went into my brotherís photo studio in Stockholm to do it. First we did the shot in the photo studio. And then we went out into the street like in the center of Stockholm Ė walked around and did a few photos while we were walking down the street. It was kind of cool, because when we came up from the studio, there was a woman that stopped and screamed of horror when we came out of the door. And Christofer said (in a cheery voice), ďHello there!Ē and she was like, ďOh what the fuck!Ē We had a lot of fun doing those pictures. Otherwise photo sessions are kind of boring, but this one was fun.

And what about these rumors that during these photo sessions, the original members of Darkane died and were replaced by Swedish schoolteachers?

(Much laughter) Yeah definitely, thatís a true story, definitely!

Some of the members of Darkane are actually schoolteachers, right?

Yeah I am a teacher and Peter the drummer is a teacher as well.

What do you guys teach?

I teach English and Swedish and Peter teaches drumming and stuff like that.

I saw you guys perform two years ago at the Milwaukee Metalfest and it was a pretty incredible show. I was wondering how you felt the experience was like.

That was a really great experience. It was our first time playing in the States. There was a whole circus around it and the gig was fantastic! There were a few technical problems, and especially with a festival like that with having a bad room or disorganization. But we had a great time. We had to skip playing one song because we were running out of time, but otherwise it was fucking cool. The audience was fucking great! Itís not the best gig that we played. I mean, we were quite nervous before the gig, but I think we did a very good job. And I think the audience thought so too. At least I hope so.

Well I was there and it was incredible.

Thanks man.

I thought for sure after that show you guys might tour here in the States, but you havenít yet.

No we havenít yet. Weíre still waiting for a good offer. We were offered a tour with Strapping Young Lad and Voivod in January or February, but the opening slot went to The Berserker on Earache. They are a quite all right band Ė they can play but itís not my favorite kind of music. But of course itís always about money, and thatís the problem. But we would love to tour the States. I know that we have a lot of fans and a good following there. We always get loads of e-mails from fans in the States saying please come and tour. So letís hope that we will next year.

If Darkane was invited to participate on an album entitled A Heavy Metal Tribute To Abba, what song would you want to do by that band and why?

Either Ring Ring or I donít know. We actually have played an Abba song for a party. We had a secret gig for a friend of ours and we played an Abba song. I canít remember the name of it, but it was a very good song. But either Ring Ring or that one. Abba is cool, so it would be a fun thing to do.

So how many Abba records do you have?

Abba records? Actually, I donít have any. My sister has. Itís a cool band, but I donít have any unfortunately.

If Britney Spears asked you to take time off from Darkane and tour as her guitarist for a year, would you do it?

Definitely. (Laughs) If the money is right and if I could do stuff with her, definitely!

What other projects are you in besides Darkane?

I also play in The Defaced Ė itís one of my other main bands. Itís also on Nuclear Blast. Itís a little bit more groovy metal influenced Ė itís a little bit influenced by Machinehead and stuff like that.

Is it difficult to do both projects at the same time?

No, not really. Because the music is quite different, so thatís not a problem, especially when it comes to writing music. But the problem is when the schedules clash, which has happened these last couple of months. We recorded the new Defaced album in August and September and in the same time the new Darkane album was released Ė and we had to do a few gigs and I still had to the in the studio because Iím the technician and producer for the album. So I had to be in the studio and rehearse Darkane and play gigs, so it was kind of hectic. I didnít have any free time at all.

Have you ever thought about putting Darkane and The Defaced on tour together?

Never! (Laughs) They donít fit together musically. It would be cool to do some dates, maybe in our hometown. And Iím also in Terror 2000, which is on Nuclear Blast as well. But Terror 2000 is just a side project with me and the singer from Soilwork. We are the founding guys in that band and we actually released a second album in June. It sounds like thrash metal from the 80ís and 90ís Ė itís pure thrash and itís fucking killer.

Hey all three of your bands should tour together, huh?

That would be chaotic! But we donít play at all in Terror 2000. I would like to tour with them, but there are is no time since I have Defaced and Darkane and heís in Soilwork and theyíre very busy at the moment. Weíre probably going to play Japan in the next year and the Terror 2000 album is selling like hell there. Itís like the side project sells like 6-7000. Itís fucking amazing and I donít know how. I mean Darkane sells like 3 or 4000 and Defaced is like 2 or 3000, and Iím like what the fuck is this? And they are like (a Japanese accent with a hint of Swede) ďHey we want you come over to JapanĒ and Iím like ďHell yeah!Ē But weíll see what happens.

Do you have any messages for Darkane fans here in the States?

Yeah! Get on Nuclear Blast and tell them that they want to see Darkane in the States! Just put the fucking pressure on them. And buy the CD, because you wonít be fucking disappointed. But put the pressure on Nuclear Blast so they can put us on a tour Ė thatís probably one of the best advice that I could give to the fans. If they do that, they would perhaps bring us on the tour no matter what it costs Ė if they got a lot of pressure from the fans. So please do that and email us and tell us you want us to tour. But the best thing would be is to direct it to Nuclear Blast. Please help us!!! (Much laughter.)

If the world were suddenly to come to an end, what song would you want to hear before the final explosion?

July 99 from Rusted Angel because thatís about the holocaust. But if I were to select from another artist, it would be (after a long thought) Reign In Blood by Slayer. Thatís probably my all time fave Ė either that one or Post Mortem from Reign In BloodÖ


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