Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Dilate, and how long the band has been together.

Nathan: I'm the singer and lyricist and we've been together almost a year. We've all known each other since high school.

Where is the band from and what is the music scene like there?

Nathan: We're from Houston, and actually the music scene here sucks to be honest with you. There's really not too much of a scene, it's kind of dead. That's why we're trying to expand outward in order to get away from the mundaneness that's out here.

If you had to describe your music to a really old person, what would you say?

Nathan: A friend of mine said we sound like an evil, harder version of Cake, but I don't really like that one. I'd say we're more along the lines of Tool, and maybe Korn or System, Nine Inch Nails - if they all had a fucked up looking love child, that's probably what we'd be. And maybe with a little hint of Primus.

Who are some of the national acts that you've opened for?

Nathan: We've opened for Dirt here in Houston. Beyond that, we've been kind of laying low lately. We just finished the CD and our manager is trying to get all the publicity going. Before we got with our management Hollowpoint, we were playing two shows a weekend for like six months. There are plenty of bands we want to open up for, but we haven't got a chance to yet.

You guys are coming out here to Los Angeles and play on December 2nd. What can we expect from a live Dilate show?

Nathan: A live Dilate show is a lot better than the CD in my opinion. It's a lot more energetic. On the CD, we have a whole bunch of different effects and cool stuff that you can get from a studio sound. A live show, we're more raw and energetic and in your face. It's more fun and there's a lot of audience interaction. I try to get the audience as riled up as possible. It's raw intensity and it's a hell of a live show.

Where do you get your ideas for some of the lyrics?

Nathan: Ideas for a lot of the lyrics came from things that go on in my head. I've published poetry and stuff like that before that has kind of a dark edge. I've got kind if a dark humor. At the time when I was writing the lyrics, I was into this whole debate about clones. I don't watch Star Trek or anything, but after listening to the album, a lot of people are like "Are you a big sci-fi fan?" And I'm like, "Nah, not really." It's more about I'm not happy with a lot of things that go on like government wise and socially. And I think the best expression is through my work. I'm a sociology major in college so that has a lot of influence on my lyrics and the way I look at things. So I look at things as a large group whole as opposed to how I fit into the little part.

When is the 11 song complete album going to be out?

Nathan: We're hoping to release it around January. We still have some work to do on the cover. We flew out to LA to mix down with Barry Conley and we had Jeff King master it. Then coming back here and trying to get things arranged here on this end. Our management is really busting their ass for us and that's really cool. A lot of times you hear people complain about the management, but Hollowpoint has done a really good job - getting us publicity and decent shows. At first we were disheartened, because we weren't playing as many shows as we used to - but that's the whole musician mentality - we want to play as many shows as possible. If you play ten shows a month in the same city, the audience is going to dwindle. But back here, we've started working on some new material, because it would be kind of fun to try it out on an audience. That way, if a record company comes back and says they don't like a song, we can improve it or let them hear what else we have. But we have some new stuff, and we're getting ready to come out to LA and fuck it up at The Whisky.

Did you have any messages for people out here in LA who might want to check your band out?

Nathan: I would say come out! It's a hell of a show - it's going to be a good time. Everyone should just come on out, have some beers, and we'll have a good time.

And now some talk from the rest of the band.

So what can we expect from Dilate when you guys come out to LA and play?

Sascha: You can expect a lot of energy. Nathan is a crazy little bastard when he gets up onstage. I guess you could say he looks like he's having a little seizure when he gets into it. But pretty much we all just get down with it.

So there's a guy in the band name The Germ?

Sascha: Yeah hold on, let me put you on speakerphone. We've got Jeremy and Bill here.

So Jeremy, how did you wind up being called The Germ?

The Germ: Our manager gave me that name. I'm not too happy with it. On our first trip to LA, on the plane ticket they misspelled my name and spelled it Germy. Ever since then I've been labeled The Germ.

So when you guys play shows in Houston, are there any Dilate groupies floating about there?

The Germ: God, I hope so...

So how did you guys all meet?

The Germ: Pizza Hut. Every single member in this band worked at Pizza Hut.
Bill: We were all employed there at the same time at one point. We're hoping that things go through with the band so we can get out of Pizza Hut.

Hey that's cool, you guys can get an endorsement at Pizza Hut.

Sascha: Well, we get the free food, so...

Well that's always good. So any final words?

The Germ: Yeah. Don't work at Pizza Hut.

Oh well, there goes your endorsement...

If you live in Los Angeles, be sure to catch Dilate at The Whisky on December 2nd. Hopefully we will have some picture to put up on this page of the band performing live in Hollywood. Stay tuned...



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