Updated: 11/13/02

I-Defy. Socially conscious hardcore from Michigan. All this, and the band has a sense of humor too! Read on...

Introduce yourself; tell me what you do in I-Defy, and how long the band has been together.
DAVE: bass, and some backup vocals. The band has been around since early 1998.
JEFF: guitar, and backups too.
BRENT: Vocals
JIM: Drums
RYAN: Guitar

Where is the band from and what is the music scene like there?
JEFF: We're from Southeastern Michigan.
BRENT: There are a lot of great bands, but very little support.
DAVE: It has the potential to be good, but there needs to be way more support between the bands, clubs, and fans.
RYAN: It's actually kinda hard to find bands that will play with our style of music...

How did you wind up getting signed to Medea Records?
RYAN: We sent a presskit to the label and our demo ended up on Jenni's desk (president of Medea). She really dug our four song ep, and came to a bunch of our shows. We talked for a while. The band and the label seemed to be on the same page as far as the future of the band was concerned. The rest is history. It was really quite simple story actually.

If you had to describe your music to a very old person, what would you say?
JEFF: Really loud and annoying devil music. (holding up the 'metal sign')
DAVE: Aggressive style music with a positive message which provokes the listener to… "er" Yeah, what Jeff said.
RYAN: It's good grass-cuttin' music.
JIM: Duh-Duh Duh-Duh Duh-Duh (as he rocks out with invisible instruments)
BRENT: I'm just gonna cut to the chase and say, "listen, you won't like it".

Where do you get the ideas for some of the lyrics on the CD? What are some of the things that inspire you when you write?
BRENT: I've been really getting into writing about Life and Philosophy in general. Stuff that makes me think, I feel will make others think as well. To answer that second part, I've read the biography of Gandhi and there are a few more that I've started.. Reading really sparks something in me.
DAVE: For me I simply turn on the news. Everyday life and the conflicts that arise seem to inspire me.

What is a live I-Defy show like for those of us who have yet to see you play?
JEFF: Pretty damn intense!
BRENT: They tend to be really fun for everyone I think.
RYAN: Yeah, We're the type of band that can look at a mishap and laugh at it. We all seem to be pretty light-hearted when it comes to playing live. None of that we're TOO TOUGH TO SMILE stuff.
DAVE: Very high-energy. We like writing music to 'move' to. And people seem to enjoy 'moving' to it.

Have you ever played out in California or have toured before? Any tours planned in the near future?
BRENT: No, we've never been to California...
RYAN: We're in the midst of settin' up an east-coast tour. But due to scheduling complications it may be a little bit.

Have you ever opened for any bigger bands? What would be a band that you'd really like to open forsometime soon?
DAVE: Refer to question two. But we were to open up for a larger band I would really like to play with Shai Hulud or Poison the Well.
BRENT: Boy sets Fire, System of a Down
JEFF: Definitely Sick of it All…. Or Slayer. (his eyes suddenly twinkle)
RYAN: Amen…… or Hall & Oates
JIM: Yeah, Led Zeppelin… (starts playing air instruments again)

What is it you would like a listener to remember the most when listening to your music?
JEFF: The Horn Section
BRENT: The Lyrics or the parts that stick in your head.
RYAN: That ONE part in the ONE song where the ONE guy does that ONE thing.
DAVE: Positive messages behind Angry/Aggressive music.
JIM: How good the drummer is. (insert sarcasm here) Nah, I want people to listen to us and remember us because it's something a little different than what they are used to hearing.

With the album being recorded about a year ago, what are some of the current issues that you want to/or have been writing about?
DAVE: Animal Exploitation, and Man's Uncontrollable desire to destroy the earth and all of its inhabitants due to...
JEFF: (cutting Dave off) I think we should write more songs about Greed...
BRENT: I like to write about topics that cannot be dated… I never want someone to listen to our songs two years from now and laugh at the lyrical content. So, Questions that creep into our heads in everyday life, you can't go wrong.
RYAN: We're gonna write an album based on one choose-your-own-adventure book that we pass around. Each of us is going to read it, and whatever that person gets out of it, POOF! There's a song. …..(chuckles).. Expect more of the same with the next album. We're gonna write to whatever is happening at the time. So, let's hope something exciting happens.

If I-Defy was invited to play at a sorority party sponsored by Chelsea Clinton, what two songs would you play for Chelsea and her friends and why?
DAVE: We'll play all of our loudest and fastest stuff, to see if we can get the frat boys to get down. Ya know…play some hits like, Cannibal Corpse' - Fucked with a Knife, or Baby got Back by Sir Mix A lot
JEFF: Minor Threat's "in my eyes" and "the thong song" by Sisqo, Maybe we could get someone to do flips.
JIM: "Sweet Leaf" by Black Sabbath and "Gimme that nut" by NWA, Her papa would be proud.
RYAN: "the politician" by Seven Storey Mountain due to it's uncanny resemblance to ANY political figure, and…"Hot in Herre" by Nelly…
BRENT: I'm confused. Who's Chelsea Clinton?

So how many members in the band actually own any record recorded by the lovely and extremely Britney Spears? Christina Aguilera? Slayer?
DAVE, BRENT, JIM, JEFF: Slayer. (then point accusingly at Ryan)
RYAN: "gulp", okay, I have a lot of Depeche Mode albums and a few Spice Girl CDs… C'mon it's got a good beat and you can dance to it. "ahem"… Next question….

What are the future plans for I-Defy?
DAVE: Aren't we playing a sorority party with Chelsea Clinton?
JEFF: Touring, Touring, and Writing.
RYAN: That about sums it up.

Any messages for people who might be interested in checking out your music?
JEFF: Buy the CD, judge for yourself. (spoken in a coarse voice)
DAVE: Yeah, you can download some songs at and see what you think.
RYAN: Our stuff appeals to fans of snapcase and hatebreed, so if you're into those bands download an mp3 or two.


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