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Tim Roth sounds way too happy to be writing such depressive lyrics. He has every reason to be happy, for his band Into Eternity has just released their debut for Century Media entitled Dead Or Dreaming and a ton of touring is in the band's future. I caught their set at their Milwaukee Metalfest this year and can only share their infectious enthusiasm.

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do for Into Eternity and how long the band has been together.

My name is Tim Roth. I sing for the band and I play lead guitar. We formed in mid-97.

Where is the band from and what is the music scene like there?

We're in the middle of nowhere in Canada. Probably the western middle in a place called Regina, Saskatchewan. It's about 200,000 people and the scene is not very healthy. When we play, we've been lucky. As soon as we got signed to a label and we started touring - when we got back, now we do well ourselves. We pull like 300 people here, but not all the other bands are so lucky. We only have 30 million people in all of Canada - the States has like 350 million - but the scene is obviously much smaller. But there's still fans of course who love metal.

If you had to describe your sound to a metal fan who has never heard you before, what would you say?

That's a tough one. You can't call us a progressive band, if only because we have those death vocals - prog guys get pretty mad over those vocals. And we're not all death metal because we sing clean about 75 percent of the time. So we're kind of progressive death metal if that makes any sense. We're a hybrid metal act really.

What's the idea behind the title of the album - Dead Or Dreaming?

We had a couple of different titles for the album. We were talking to the editors of Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles and we were going to call the album Elysium Dream because that was one of my favorite songs on the new album. But apparently there's a bunch of other band using the word Elysium - and there's even a band called Elysium. So we decided to go with Dead Or Dreaming. I wrote those lyrics - I was always questioning when you die, how do you know you're dead and you're unconscious and what not. And that's where we got the idea for the title Dead Or Dreaming. It worked out good for the album anyway.

It's a really cool, ominous title...

Yeah. And that's what we are. All of our lyrics are fairly depressing, so it works out pretty good. Even though we're happy people.

Yeah, you sound like a pretty happy guy on the phone and yet you write all of these suicidal lyrics!

It's kind of like therapy I guess.

So tell me about your show at this year's Milwaukee Metalfest.

It took us about 46 hours to drive there and back from where we are in Canada. It was our first ever US show. And being there was excellent, meeting all those other bands - Chuck Billy was there and meeting Arch Enemy and Jag Panzer and Onward - like all these bands that I've loved. The whole atmosphere was cool - of course we only got 20 minutes but every band basically got 20 minutes onstage. That's kind of the deal with a Jack Koshick event. So it was a long way to drive for 20 minutes, but a lot of the other bands came from overseas to play for just 20 minutes. We had to play against Exodus, so our turnout was minimal and a lot of people didn't know who we were. I would do it again in a second. A lot of those bands keep coming back year after year and it was special because it was our first US show. We got to meet the Century Media guys and they were cool. It was worth going down there, that was for sure.

How did you wind up connecting with Century Media?

Originally Scott our bass player sent out 50 packages to all of these labels. And everyone is interested, but then when you get down to it, no one was. We got a lot of interest, but when you contact them, they can't really offer very much. We've been trying to get on with Century Media, and they didn't sign us early on because we weren't quite ready yet. We were talking to Steve Joh of Noise Records. And then of course Noise and Century Media got together and he started working for Century Media. So as soon as he got the Century Media gig, Steve Joh got us signed. But it took 2 years of talking to Steve Joh at Noise and him trying to get us signed. But it was a lot of luck and hard work. Before Century Media would sign a band, you'd have to have a following. As soon as we toured and got back from Europe, we put out two albums and paid for them ourselves. Then they said, "Well these guys want to do it" and they signed us. But it was a lot of hard work. It took me 10 years to get signed to a real label.

How close are you to recording a new CD? Dead Or Dreaming has been out in Europe for over a year, yet has just been released here. And you guys played some new songs in Milwaukee.

Yeah, we played a couple of new songs. We've got seven for sure done. We just have to write a few more now. But we'll be recording in January I'd say. But every single day we keep writing songs, and they're coming out to be better than Dead Or Dreaming.

Are they as depressing as the stuff on Dead Or Dreaming?

Probably not as depressing, no. I'm trying to stray away from that, because all the interviewers thought that we were suicidal. The lyrics will be more with anger. One song is called Isolation. We played The Beginning Of The End and Point Of Uncertainty at Milwaukee. So the album is 75 percent written - we just have a bit more to do. It takes us quite a while to write songs because we're all so picky and there's a lot of changes.

Do you have any messages for people who might be interested in checking out your music?

If anyone is interested in the band, you can download some free mp3's on our website which is just And the history of the band is on there. There's so many bands out there, so if fans could take the time to check out the website that would be cool.

And since your lyrics are so depressive, I'm going to end this interview on a doomy and gloomy question. If the world were suddenly to come to an end, what would be the final song you'd like to hear before the final explosion?

Set The World On Fire by Megadeth.


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