As you could probably figure out D=Dave C=Chris N=Nate J=Jennie

> 1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in > Intro5pect and how long the band has been together.

D: I'm Dave and I sing and play guitar. C: Chris, guitar and backup vocals N: Nate, play bass and backup vocals J: Jennie with an "ie" I push buttons in the right order. D: The band has been around since 99 but only in it's present form for the past yr and a half or so. N: Yeah It was sorta lying dormant until Chris and I joined.

> 2. At what point did you decided to add electronics > /keyboards to your music? It's definitely an > unusual > yet effective mix. Have you ever received any flack > from it?

N: Actually at first the band was all electronic, it wasn't until later that we decided to add live instruments. D: Yeah, the original idea was to just use sampled punk riffs from old 7" and so mixed in with other chopped up beats and stuff, Somewhere along the line we discovered that there was just some stuff that sounded better when we played it ourselves. And we had always planed on playing it live, so that was probably a factor also. As far as getting flack for using electronics, well we don't really care. I have always thought that punk existed as a way to say fuck off to everyone who tries to tell you how your supposed to do things. So if people don't like us just because we use electronics than so be it. I'd rather use whatever means are available to produce music that we all like rather than limit ourselves based upon other peoples ideas of what is cool or not. N: Some people are afraid of change and so they wait to see how other people are going to react before they can decide whether they like it or not. C: I think it makes it that much more "punk rock" for going against the set in stone standards that everything in a genre sound the same. Without that limitation, the music can go anywhere, because there is no movement in anything when it is held down by people who are afraid of change.

> 3. How did you wind up on AF Records?

D: Well, we had the album finished, but not the money to put it out, so we decided to send it out to a bunch of labels that we liked, A-F happened to be our favorite of the ones that got back to us. It was important to us that we find a label that had the same philosophical and political leanings as ourselves and A-F happened to be just that.

> 4. What do you think about the Orange County music > scene and how does Intro5pect fit into the scheme of > things?

N: The O.C. Scene kind of died with the venues, It's really kind of dead right now. D: Yeah, the death of Koos was a big blow towards what was the "O.C. scene" However AAAelectra99 is an artist Co-op that we've been putting shows on at recently that is turning out to be really cool. N: Other than AAAelectra99 there really isn't much of a place for a scene to occur. C: Intro5pect doesn't really fit into the "O.C. Scene" in the sense that there are any similar bands, rather we follow our own scheme where we do what we like creatively and we follow our own standards of upholding what we believe is our most honest, heartfelt opinion. Alot of people have destroyed their own scene through their lack of respect for creativity and originality. There is a lot of alienation with people trying to make a scene their own. My friends hardcore band got booed off stage just because they didn't scream for a song or two, and they are devoting everything to keep that scene strong, and no one their appreciates it. That I don't understand.

> 5. There is plenty of thought to disgest within the > lyrics and liner notes. When you write the lyrics, > where do you get your ideas from, and please cite a > few songs as examples?

C: I think it really comes from things going on around us that no one has any idea how to interpret. The more messed up the world seems to get, the more ideas there seem to be for writing songs. D: I try to write about things that are important to me, and specifically things that I think people tend to overlook or just accept on faith. The song "Sustainable Yield" is about overpopulation. Which is a problem that we as humanity will have to deal with in the coming century. However, the culture that we live in (here in the U.S.) accepts as the standard model of life that you will have children. And this idea is rigorously socially enforced, (especially upon women) to the point where you are considered weird and selfish if you don't. The point of the song is not to convince people not to have kids, but rather to bring to light some of the cultural conditioning that we are exposed to and to hopefully realize that these standards shouldn't just be accepted because it's "normal". That sort of thinking permeates the whole culture. Basically, we just want to encourage people to question everything they can.

> 6. Describe a live Intro5pect show for those of us > who have yet to see you play.

D: Lots of rocking and rolling, lots of fun C: It's a pretty intense atmosphere, we don't hold anything back. D: Yeah, I know both Chris and I have at times played to the point of injury and then past it. I think we have both finished with bloody hands.

> 7. Do you feel it is important to be for musicians > and fans to be socially conscious? How do you > respond > to people who would rather just go into the pit > and/or > just be entertained?

D: I think it's important for EVERYONE to be socially conscious, whether their musicians or fans or neither. We all live on the same planet and unfortunately one persons actions do affect the rest of us, so I think everyone has a responsibility to their fellow people to stay somewhat informed and socially conscious. That having been said, there is nothing wrong with people going to shows/going in the pit simply because they enjoy it. If people like us for our music and don't really care about what were saying lyrically, I don't have any problem with that, and maybe at some point they will get curious about the lyrics and check them out too. I think that sometimes people feel that if you have any kind of socio-political opinions that you are opposed to fun or humor, but I don't think thats the case with us. Hopefully our shows are fun for everyone there. C: I think it's great for people who aren't very socially conscious to go to a show out of curiosity and find out what it's all about.

> 8. At what point do you feel a war with Iraq or > North > Korea would be okay?

D: When they actually do something that 1. Threatens world security and 2. they are unwilling to solve it diplomatically. I think that right now the U.S. is both threatening world security and unwilling to solve anything diplomatically. N: When they're in our front yard. It's absurd how everyone feeds of the ignorance of the government.

> 9. The Bush daughters invite you to play two songs > at > their next big party hardy affair. What two songs > would you play for them and their friends and why?

N: Two new songs. "George Bush Sucks" and "War is Fun" D: Hmmmmm... I'd have to say "oops, I did it again" and "Were not gonna take it" C: "Son of a preacher man" and "Land of Coke and Money" D: I think that the "why" on those should be fairly self explanatory.

> 10. If Intro5pect were invited to contribute a > track > for a "Punk Goes Metal" CD, what song would you want > to record and why?

D: Thats a tough one, unbeknownst to most people there is quite a plethora of metal around Intro5pect. Nate is a huge Grindcore fan and has all these albums by scary random bands that no one else has ever heard of. Chris Listens to nothing but Danzig. Personally I have to divide my metal into three catagories, 1. the metal that is so bad that its good- Like Hammerfall and Yngwie Malmsteen, 2. the stuff that is just bad....Like Motley Crue, Warrant etc... 3. there's the stuff that although it's embarrassing to admit, is just really really good... like old Metallica, Dimmu Borgir, and Sepultura. I actually pissed everyone in the band off on our last tour cause whenever we'd have to drive all night I'd blast the air conditioner and "...and justice for all" over and over to stay awake. Everyone who got stuck riding in the car with me was always miserable the next day. As to cover...I'd have to say "Were not gonna take it" I've loved that song ever since I saw it in "Iron Eagle" N: "The Iron Maiden" by Iron Maiden C: Either "Hearts on Fire" by Hammerfall or "Mother" by Danzig

> 11. Which member in Intro5pect is more likely to > own > a Britney Spears CD?

N:Dave C: Dave J:Dave D: I would have to agree with everyone, However I would like to stress that this is simply because I could appreciate the production that went into it more than anyone else in the band.

> 12. All in all, what is the one most important > message you'd like to convey to your audience?

N: "Grab a guitar and never look back"...Don't be afraid to be yourself C: Question everything, and don't give up when people have a hard time understanding your point of view. D: Don't let other people decide things for you, stay aware and informed about what is going on around you and in the world, and question everything.

> 13. What are the future plans for Intro5pect?

D: Write another album, play lots of shows and tour. N: write more songs, play more shows C: Take it as far as we can without losing our passion for the musics purpose.

> 14. Any final words of wisdom?

D: Right now is an especially important time to be aware and informed about what is going on in the world. It's a scary time and we need to be extra vigilant about protecting human rights and the directions that we as people (and our nation) are headed.