Updated: 02/09/03

Knockout recently went on tour and played a show out here at The Chain Reaction. Based out of Chicago, the guys have really know how to put on a fun show. Terrific pop/punk songs together with a good amount of touring will help them find a solid ground amongst fans. Here is an email interview I recently did with one of the knockouts.

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Knockout and how long the band has been together.

My name is Jeff, I sing and play guitar in Knockout. We've been together for 3 years.

Where is the band from and what is the music scene like there?

We're from Chicago, the music scene kicks a camel's ass.

What made you decide to call the album Searching For Solid Ground?

At the time we weren't satisfied with how things were, so I guess it's like we were just trying to make things better. That doesn't really make sense unless you were with us in the studio when we came up with it.

Why did you put just one band member's face on the cover -- what about the other three guys?

What's funny is that dude isn't in the band anymore. Camm (the CD art dude) just sent us that as an idea and we liked it. The pictures of us wouldn't have worked because none of us took the picture seriously and I guess they didn't come out right.

How did you wind up being signed by Fearless Records?

They called me up one day and we started talking about the band and our plans and all that. We've been sending them demos from the beginning. I've been sending them recordings from bands since I was a sophomore in high school.

Where did you get your ideas for some of the lyrics on the album?

Whatever was on my mind each time I sat down to write a song. There's lyrics about girls, friends, and other stuff that went on in my life (or TJ's).

Tell me about the song Leaving Chicago -- you are obviously still there -- what happened?

That song isn't necessarily about wanting to leave Chicago, just wanting to leave, anywhere. I love Chicago. The lyrics are more about circumstance than location.

If Fearless was doing a punk rock tribute to Britney Spears and you were forced to appear on it, what song would you do by Britney and why?

Hmmm. This is a tough one. I'm gonna say Crazy. I don't have a reason.

Which member of Knockout is most likely to quit your group to join a boy band?

De'mar, he sings like he's in a boy band.

So far, what has been the best and worst part about touring?

Playing shows all the time and waking up in a different place everyday.

How do you feel your show at The Chain Reaction went? Was this your first time in Southern California and are there any plans to come back?

I was pretty sick so it could have been better. We saw Rufio at that place a couple years ago and were really looking forward to playing that place, then I got sick. Still had fun though and the people there are always really cool. You bet your sweet ass we'll be back!!!

Are there any Knockout groupies wandering about at the live shows?

Too many baby, too many. Actually I don't know what qualifies someone as a groupie, I'm happy people come to our shows.

Describe a live Knockout show to those who have yet to see you play.

We sing, we dance, we play. Sometimes we have a bubble machine and balloons and stuff, it depends.

If there was one thing you'd like someone to remember after hearing your music, what would it be?

How hard we shred.

Any messages for those who might be interested in checking out Knockout?

Check it before you wreck it.


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