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The Lyndsay Diaries is actually musician Scott Windsorís creation Ė an entity founded on tragedy proving that music is indeed part of any healing process. With his latest album The Tops Of Trees Are On Fire, the Lyndsay legacy continues. Read our interview with Scott to find out more on this singer/songwriter.

How long has the Lyndsay Diaries been together and how did everything get started?

Itís probably been close to two years now. It doesnít seem that long. It was kind of weird how it all happened. I was in a bad car accident with my best friend and heís paralyzed now. I kind of put on a benefit concert for that and ended up writing some songs and playing them. I ended up having a friend record the songs just to give out to some friends. And Chad at The Militia Group heard the songs and wanted to sign me. I wrote ten more songs for my first CD and it kind of happened from there. That was pretty lucky. I never expected to do any of this ever. It just fell into my lap. Iím really excited about it.

Prior to this project, were you in any other bands at all or did anything musically?

Iíve played drums my whole life. I was the drummer of a metal band for three years in high school. It was kind of crazy. It was called The Ruined. We were young kids in high school. It was a lot like Sepultura/Pantera kid of stuff. It was just fun. We just played around in my hometown.

Did you have long hair, flash the metal horns, and say ďDUDEĒ all the time?

(Laughs) No, I didnít. We had a lead singer who had long hair and wore leather pants and no shirt. It was kind of embarrassing but funny at the same time. All the people back home who used to come to the shows now see me doing this and say, ďWhat happened?Ē

You must have some metal albums still in your collection.

Yeah, I still listen to some metal. Iíve gone softer, but yeah, I still have a lot of my old records.

Well back to the Lyndsay Diaries. What city do you live in and what is the music scene like there?

I live in St. Louis, Missouri. I actually went to school the past two years in Nashville, Tennessee. This all started while I was in Nashville, so that was my home base for doing shows. I just quit school and moved back home into a music scene that I wasnít really familiar with. I havenít really played much in St. Louis. Itís kind of weird Ė thereís just one guy who promotes every show. I do have a pretty good following now because itís where Iím really from.

What about Nashville? That must have been really interesting being there in the country capitol of the world.

Yeah, itís really big on country and the whole Christian scene is really big there. But itís pretty good Ė thereís some good clubs there. A lot of shows come through Nashville. I guess I have a pretty good fan base in Nashville.

When writing your lyrics on the new record, where did you get some of your ideas from? And mention a few of the songs if you can.

Itís a big spectrum of different things. Basically everything I was going through in my life. The title track The Tops Of Trees Are On Fire Ė it kind of goes along with that song I wrote about my best friend. Itís kind of where weíre at now. Back then, the accident happened and weíre dealing with being paralyzed. And now itís the ongoing trials of it not going away. It talks about our friendship and stuff like that. And thereís a couple of other songs that deal with friendship. I have a song called Cowboy, which is kind of different than what I normally write Ė it has a kind of country feel. Itís about Nashville. Iím a big fan of the ocean, and I love California and the West Coast. The song is just about wanting to leave the cowboy town and move out to California and be by the ocean. It looks like Iím going to be moving out to California Ė just for the winter for about four months Ė so Iím pretty excited about that. Out in Huntington Beach probably.

When you tour, do you play with a whole band or on your own?

Well right now, Iím on tour with The Beautiful Mistake and I have a friend with me from St. Louis playing extra guitar and bass. I do have the drummer from Beautiful Mistake playing on a few songs. For a few songs we have the full band sound and other songs itís just me or another guitarist. But Iím always looking for other musicians to play with me. I definitely think it adds a lot. Itís just hard getting people to come on tour.

What do you think of bands like Bright Eyes and Dashboard Confessional? Do they inspire you at all?

I get that question all the time. I use to be really close friends with Chris from Dashboard. When I started doing this, weíd talk about it all the time. I used to be like, ďChris, everyone is gonna think Iím just ripping you off.Ē And he said, ďDonít worry about it. Whatever.Ē Itís like itís helped me but itís hurt me at the same time. Iím really trying to get away from anything that would sound like Dashboard lately just because I get lumped in with it so much. I do like Chris and I think his music is great. Iíd say it was more influenced on the first CD. And on this CD, I was definitely trying to do more of a singer/songwriter feel instead of the whole indie rock/emo acoustic thing. But I do listen to Bright Eyes a lot. I know heís the big thing right now Ė the big buzz or whatever. I think Conner is a great songwriter Ė heís very creative and his lyrics are amazing. Iím sure it has influenced me. I think his new record is amazing.

If there was an album coming out called Emo Goes Metal and you were invited to contribute a song on it Ė what song would you contribute and why?

(Laughs) That would be awesome! I donít know man. Thereís so much metal that I like that I could do. Iíd probably go back to my roots and try to cover something that I liked when I was younger. Maybe even like a Sepultura song or something like that. I think I would cover Cannibal Corpse Ė thatís who I would cover. I think itís one of the farthest extremes in music that you can get. And that band just cracks me up just how gross and disgusting they are.

Do you have any messages for people who might be interested in checking out your CD or fans?

Basically Iím just super, super appreciative of anyone who gives my music a try. It means a lot to me when people listen to the CD and like it. Iím very thankful for anybodyís support.


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