Updated: 10/06/02

Mactätus have returned to grace the world with another dark album of blackened metal. The new one is simply entitled Suicide, a concept album with a brilliant yet disturbing storyline. Guitarist Gaut talks about the new album, working at Abyss Studios with Peter Tagtgren, and his feelings about Burzum and Britney Spears...

I understand that Suicide is a concept album. What is the story or concept and who came up with the idea?

It's, as you say, a kind of concept behind the album. It's about a psychotic person who want to end his own life, but is afraid of the pain. Therefore he experiments with killing other to find the ultimate way to end his own life. The album takes us through the mind of this person, his journey and victims. The name of the album reflects the red line in the story, but the concept has a wide area of themes. It was something the Hate Rodvitnesson and I discussed a couple of years ago, I think it was Hate that had the initial idea.

How do you think Suicide compares with the other releases?

I think this album shows a more mature Mactätus, and it has a tighter "genre" this time. The songs are stronger and more reflective now, and we once again show development in the band. It is a strong album and the first one the all the members of the band are really involved in. Earlier we have used another method while writing the material, now all members are behind every step of the album. This is something that shows in the wide specter of influences and different "genres" in the music. This album still has a bit of the technical parts from TCB, but is more aggressive and cold. "Suicide" is a great album with lots of Mactätus in it...

Gaut, you wrote quite a few lyrics on the last album. Did you do so on this album, and if you did, was it hard keeping the lyrics within the album concept?

I wrote almost everything on this album too, Hate Rodvitnesson wrote the lyrics for the last track. In the beginning of the writing process I had some problems with the way I wanted to present the lyrics. I had the ideas ready, but didn't agree with myself in how to write it. I worked for sometime with this aspect and when I finally got started, everything just wrote it self. It was no problem keeping the red line, as I had worked a lot with it, in my mind, before I actually started writing.

The corpse paint appears to be gone for this record. Was this a conscious choice on the band's part?

It is still corpse paint, but in another level. We used professional make-up artists this time and had them make us dead like. We wanted to look dead, in different levels and degrees. I think the cover art for this album is enormous. I really get a kick out of looking at the cover and reading the lyrics while listening to the album..,

What was it like working with Peter Tagtgren at Abyss? What did he contribute to the making of Suicide?

Peter is a man with a great ear for sound. He's a real professional and knows how to do things. I think the sound created in Abyss is perfect for the material and the album in general. Peter was very easy to work with, and he has a balanced and relaxing personality. He did an awesome mix and made the work for us easy, he almost knew what we wanted... Apart from this he did most of the vocals on one of the songs, and that was really cool.

Was Suicide one of the last albums recorded at the Abyss and what made you decide to go outside of Norway to record?

Peter Tägtgren is taking a long break from the producer chair, he is concentrating on Hypocrisy and Pain. Abyss is still recording records, but it is Peter's brother that is behind the table in the time to come. I think that "Suicide" was the last album for Peter, at least for some time. The main reason for us to enter Abyss was to try something new and to widen our musical horizon.

Have you done any touring for Suicide or do you plan to do so in the future? And since Suicide is a concept album, will you be playing the entire thing from beginning to end?

We haven't done any live shows after the release of "Suicide" yet, but we are planning to do the whole album in coming performances. We think it's the right thing to do with a concept album as "Suicide" is.

In addition to Mactätus, are you or any of the other members participating in other musical bands or projects?

Forn is also in a band called Svartahrid, he plays the drums there. It's a more old school kind of project with another former Mactätus member in the line-up, Istar. They are also signed to Napalm Records.

If Britney Spears asked you to put Mactätus on hold and be her guitarist on a world tour for a year, what would you do?

I wouldn't do it! I hate her music and personality, she can look great at times, but that's not enough... Maybe Mactätus could be her support act!!! LOL

How close is the new Mactätus website to being completed? Or is there one already up that I don't know about?

I'm doing the site now, because the others involved have been too unprofessional and incompetent. I'm not very great at doing sites, so it will take some time. I have all the material ready, but I haven't found the right layout yet. I'm working on it and hopefully it will not take to long now.

If Mactätus were asked to appear on a Burzum tribute album, would you appear, what song would you do and why?

Personally I wouldn't do it, because I don't support his earlier acts. Some of his music is brilliant, but I don't feel like hailing what he has done.

Do you have any messages for Mactätus fans here in the States?

Sorry that we haven't been in the States to show our gratitude for your support. We really appreciate all the support and backup you give us. Hopefully, and I underline hopefully, we can set up some shows in the States at sometime or another. If somebody knows people we can contact etc, please send us a mail:

If the world were to suddenly come to an end, what song would you like to hear before the final explosion?

"Curse you all men" by Emperor. This is one of the best BM songs ever!!! Hails to the Emperors for this...


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