Updated: 11/30.02

From Black Mark to Hammerheart Records and beyond, Necrophobic are still scaring up the metal masses with their own brand of evil blackened death. And now with Bloodhymns, Necrophobic awaits in the wings, ready to plunder the extreme music world arena. Take cover or accept your fate...

Introduce yourself; tell me what you do in Necrophobic, and how long the band has been together.

Sebastian: I play the lead guitar since August '96. I replaced original member David Parland when he left to concentrate on his other band Dark Funeral. Necrophobic has been playing now for almost 13 years but only our drummer Joakim is still with us from the original lineup.

First of all, what made you leave Black Mark and join the ranks of Hammerheart Records?

BMP didn't support any tours, they didn't provide any merchandise and it was almost impossible to find our albums in the stores. We felt that they didn't give us the attention that we wanted. On Hammerheart we are ranked much higher and we feel that it's very easy to talk to them about everything.

How does Bloodhymns compare to your previous recordings?

Bloodhymns is our most powerful album so far. The first album was made in the vein of early 90īs Death metal, Darkside was more Black-orientated and The Third of Arrivals lacked of power in the production. I think Bloodhymns contains the best of all albums with a fresh finish on top. We are not the kind of band that change much and we will probably continue to write this kind of blackened Death Metal for a long time.

What kind of touring have you done in support of Bloodhymns?

We've only had a few gigs this year, W:O:A and a smaller festival in East Germany called PartySan. We were supposed to go on tour earlier this summer but for some reason it got cancelled. We are going to Poland for a few gigs in November and we're out on a three week European tour in January.

Your site says you will soon go to Poland to perform. Will this be your first time playing there and who will also be on the tour?

Yes, it will be the first time and we are very excited about it. I think eastern European fans tend to be a bit more crazy then the ones in the west. In January we will cover Germany, Holland, Austria, Chechia and Slovenia.

Have you ever played here in the States or do you plan to in the future?

We've never reached the States yet. I think that if the new album goes well there would be reason a for a tour but so far I've heard no plans. Of course it would be great to play in the States, I've only been there on vacation earlier and would really like to go back.

What is a live Necrophobic show like for those of us who have yet to see you play?

We try to think of Necrophobic live as a tank heading for the audience. We deliver pure explosive Death metal Mayhem. We use explosives, blood and evil atmosphere.

If you were asked to play on an album entitled "A Metal Tribute to Abba," what Abba song would you cover and why?

Actually we would never do that. I take my music seriously and don't like bands that fool around making "funny" covers. It's ok if it suits the band, but for Necrophobic there would be no reason. I can't even think of a song hypothetically, it would be too dumb.

If Britney Spears asked you to leave Necrophobic and tour in her band for a year, what would you do?

I guess my last answer covered that. Britney might be more talented then her clones but she's still a product, we are musicians and artists in the true meaning of the words.

What does Satanism mean to you, if anything...?

I think that Satanism stands for making your own will come first, to make anything to reach your goals. Your own lusts, desires, and needs are the most important things if you are a Satanist. I agree on some points but I don't think you should take it too seriously. You should think for yourself and make your own standards in moral issues but of course you have to respect others as well. I think it would be very hard to be a part of a band if you are a true Satanist. Maybe that's why so many Norwegian Black Metal acts contains only one or two members.

Are any of the members of Necrophobic involved with other side projects?

I'm at the point filling in as session guitarist for Gothenburg act Nifelheim. I don't know for how long that will last but right now I don't have any plans to leave those maniacs. Johan, Tobias and me also have a psychedelic rock project called Sin, but right now that is put on hold.

When all is said and done, how would you like the music of Necrophobic to be remembered?

As a band that never lets the fans down, who never made a weak album. A band that set the standards for how good Death Metal should sound.

If the world were suddenly to come to an end, what song would you want to hear right before the final explosion?

Hell Awaits by Slayer.


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