Updated: 02/10/03

Milwaukee – the city of beer, the Metalfest, Laverne and Shirley – and a metalcore band that goes by the name of Since By Man. Their Revelation Records debut is entitled We Sing The Body Electric and its one slab of intensity that will leave your ears bleeding…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Since By Man and how long the band has been together.

Hi, I’m Sam. I sing in Since By Man. We have been together for just over 3 years. One down, sixteen to go.

What is the music scene like in Milwaukee and how does Since By Man into the scheme of things?

Milwaukee is doing alright these days. Since day one we have always received amazing support from everyone here. Though i know some would disagree with me, I think the Milwaukee scene has a good sense of community. When a bunch of local bands get together and play, the attendance is good and pretty much everyone knows everyone else by like one degree of separation. When we started up three or so years ago, the DIY scene was on the rise thanks to the hard work of people doing house shows and the quality of the bands playing around. Since By Man has just been trying to support the scene that has supported us by playing shows, going to shows and putting on shows.

Have you guys ever played or been to the infamous Milwaukee Metalfest?

We haven't played the Metalfest, but I know that Justin our guitar player went to it a of couple times. I hope he was wearing his Mayhem shirt with Count Grishnock our whoever the fuck holding the bleeding pig head. I'm sorry I think I have my mystical black metal characters mixed up.

How did you wind up connecting with Revelation Records?

We played a show in San Diego with Drowningman and Ghazal from Rev saw us. Then next time we were out in California more of the Rev family came to check us out, and we totally blew them away with our amazing rock and dashing good looks.

Describe your music to someone who has never heard it before.

Hmmm, loud.

Where did you get the idea for CD title We Sing The Body Electric?

The title We Sing The Body Electric came from the title I Sing The Body Electric which is both a chapter in Walt Whitman's amazing Leaves of Grass and a short story by Ray Bradbury that I have never read. Basically, we like the way it sounded so we used it. It just worked with the content of the record.

Where do you get the ideas for some of the lyrics on the album?

Lyrical inspiration comes from a variety of sources. Some of what I'm screaming about has meaning, and some of it just sounds good. More often then not the lyrical content of any one song has a focused meaning behind it, of which i could talk at length about if someone really wanted to hear it. Whatever is swimming around in my head is what comes out onto paper and then on to plastic, be it my own shitty situation or the fate of the universe. I really just want the record to be a soundtrack to riots.

I understand you’ll be going on tour with Curlupanddie soon. Do you know those guys and will you be coming out here to Los Angeles?

Mike, (from Curl Up And Die) and I are getting to know one another over various long distance communication technologies. All we really know about each other is that we both have the same sense of humor that I think most people would find offensive...oh yeah and we hate a lot of the same shitty bands. Part two! yes we will be in Los Angeles and all over the West coast, so check it out.

Describe a live Since By Man show for those who have yet to see you play.

Shit gets fucked up. Crowd participation is key to how much shit so come on out!

How many members have actually fallen off the stage during a live show? Any other injuries while playing live?

Shit, I know i have countless times. I know everyone has had nasty spills. Even Jon our drummer jumped off stage once, did a back flip and no one caught him. He landed flat on his back, now he stays at his drums. As far as injuries, lots of instruments to the head, mics in the face, we blew out a kids eardrum, one show Justin hit five people with his headstock (all on accident, he says) spitting up blood, last show in Milwaukee this kid got body passed into a light fixture so there was broken glass everywhere (I think stitches were involved) and I have nerve damage on my right knee. I can’t really feel it.

What is the best and worst part of touring?

All of it is the best except for the end, that's the worst.

Which member is most likely to quit Since By Man and join up with a boy band?

Jon is the most clean cut, but Kevin who plays guitar likes that music the most. He wants to produce and sing R&B. He has a group called 'G-Spot' and they will make all women everywhere sobbing wet.

If Since By Man were asked to appear on an 80’s metal tribute compilation, what song would you want to do and why?

Shout At the Devil by the Crue. I know, its more hair than metal. Or we would appear on the comp doing all of Slayer's Reign in Blood from beginning to end. Why? Because Kevin pipcorn would be into it.

If there was one thing you’d like someone to remember after hearing your music, what would it be?

I guess I want people to recognize it as a record made by some kids who love making music.

Why should someone get up right now and go buy a copy of We Sing The Body Electric?

My friend Adam says that when he meets the woman he's gonna marry he is going to know she's the one by looking at her record collection. Now, you wouldn't want to lose the guy/girl of your dreams because he or she notices your music library is obviously lacking Since By Man's We Sing the Body Electric, would you? So go buy it! Because the future of your love life hangs in the balance! Oh yeah, it’s good too!

If the world were suddenly to come to an end, what song would you like to hear before the final explosion?

Wow, that's a really hard question... (I Want You) She's so Heavy by The Beatles. It's the hottest song ever written, and you know I hope to be doing it at that point.


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