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Updated: 05/25/03

Summon is back with And The Blood Runs Black, and it’s one of the best albums to come from an American Black Metal band in a long time. The James Murphy-produced release will be followed by a US tour this summer. Summon will play the Showcase Theater in Corona July 16th and they’re not to be missed!

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Summon, and tell me how long Summon has been together.
Hailz! Necromodeus666 here. I play bass and scream for Summon. Summon has been around since 1991 but now in full force!

What was it like working with James Murphy and what did he contribute to the overall sound?
It was great working with James. I think it would have been better if we would have had more time. He likes to take his time, which we did not have much of. James was also working with Jason Suecoff on the entire sound and engineering. I think they did a very good job.

How difficult was it to produce No Thought From The Sky and were you satisfied with the final result? Would you want to produce other bands through the Blackened Moon Productions?
Well, No Thoughts was recorded on a computer. The guy didn't have a clue what the fuck was going on. It could have been much better. It sounded good in the studio, but not after I got the disc back from the press plant. I really don't care for that album much – it was kind of like a demo with a bunch of guitar players. I think it is a little ridiculous – it is so fast – no one’s shit is that fast. As far as releases on Blackened Moon, I have Corpsevomit Raping the Ears Of Those Above (Chicago), Sacred Sin Mastery of the Holy Imperial Art (Portugal), Empty A Source of Hallow Essence (Spain), and Summon Fire Turns Everything Black, Summon Dark Descent Of Fallen Souls and also No Thoughts From the Sky from Summon.

What made you decide to cover the Venom classic Buried Alive on the new album?
Well we have been fans of Venom forever and it was kind of a space filler, plus we thought we would give people a little breather from the speed of the whole album.

Is there any chance of a West Coast tour and have you ever played out here in Los Angeles before?
We are leaving in the third week of May to head to the West Coast. We start in Texas – a few shows in Mexico and California. We will come, so for sure we will be in Los Angeles. Can't wait – it should be a great tour. It is with Summon, Thornspawn, and Excomunion.

What does Satanism mean to you, if anything?
Well it is a way of life to me – the whole outlook on Satanism, not so much the devil worship but just how you live your life. Take one to the jaw and give a ton back.

How do you feel about the current trend in Black Metal mixing racism and nationalism in with the music?
Well I think it’s alright if you are a racist. I think black metal is the way to do it. Total fucking Hate!!! But as you said, it is getting kind of trendy but to each is own.

Would you ever even think about doing a Masochist reunion and what do you remember most about those early days of Black Metal in the US?
Masochist reunion? Never! Too many drugs involved – would never get anything done. But as far as the early days of black metal, I loved it! Everyone hated it, which I thought was so great. We were one of the first in the U.S to it, and now there are way too many bands "TRYING" to be black metal – most of them fucking suck!!!!

If you could sit down with anyone in history and ask them a question, who what it be and what would you ask?
(Any one in our ignorant government) Especially Bush you fucking little pussy. I think the thing I would ask is what the fuck are we messing with these other fucked up countries? Blow them fuckers up and let them rot!

What can someone expect from a live Summon show?
Total Fucking Chaos!!!! Live shows from Summon are 1000 times better than any recording. We are violent and very disrespectful, mostly to the little CUNTS!!!

The US Black Metal scene – what are your current impressions?
I really don't think there is a black metal scene in the US. Too many bands that really suck trying to be evil. I am over it! Like I said before, most of them suck! They can’t play their instruments. I think that’s why they try and be black metal – they play the three chord black metal over and over.

What are the future plans for Summon?
Summon plans touring as much as possible. We’re soon to go and destroy Europe. And I think we might get haircuts and try to be a boy band hahahaha!

Any final words of wisdom for the metal masses?
Thanks for the interview! Keep your eyes open for dates coming to your town. Summon is coming to destroy your town and drink your beer! Hail to the horned one!!!


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