Updated: 02/20/03

Introducing The Reunion Show, a bunch of groovy guys from Long Island who have put the fun back into pop rock music! Their Victory debut Kill Your Television is wildy infectious and their live shows a breeding crowd for fun and meeting chicks! Let’s learn more about this band who has more killer hooks than a room full of Weezer albums…

Introduce yourself, tell us what you do in The Reunion Show and how long the band has been together.

This is Brian... I sing and play bass for the Reunion Show, which is also, Skully on drums, Mark on guitar, keys and singing, and Derrick on guitar. We have been a band since the summer of 2000.

Where is the band from and what is the music scene like there?

We are from a formerly not so amazing, currently very amazing place called Long Island. There are so many great bands coming out of here it's ridiculous. The scene here is as good as I remember it being in the mid 90s when I was first going to shows. It's even bigger now.

So why exactly should we take your advice to Kill Your Television?

It sort of just a tongue in cheek thing. We're not really anti-television or anti-fame. But, in the end we do think it's important that pop culture is just entertainment and not a lifestyle to people.

What exactly is an Alligator Love Trap?

I don't know. Mark is a weird guy. For all intents and purposes it's a song about his ex-girlfriend and the ups and downs with her that we ALL got to live through. On a very serious note, Mark is completely obsessed with alligators, penguins and polar bears. He also likes hippos a great deal. He's a lover of animals that he can never own.

Your producer Nick Raskulinecz has worked with the Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age. How did you hook up with him and what did he contribute to Kill Your Television?

He had done a record for this band the Benjamins on Drive Thru Records, and we're friends with him so that's how that came to pass. But, we were fans of stuff he had worked on besides that, so he was on our list of people we wanted to work with. Luckily he was available because he had just finished that Foo Fighters record. He was able to bring out the best in our playing. He knew what sound we were going for without much prodding. He likes the same music we do so we were able to describe sounds and ideas to him in terms he understood. He also let us be hands on with what was going on... Some producers want you to do it their way and that's it, but he was open to our ideas as well, which is really cool.

How did you tour with The Movielife go and what was the highlight and lowlight of the tour?

The highlight was getting to play sold out shows with our friends and waking up everyday and seeing those guys. Not that I don't see them at home, but usually when you're away on tour the thing you miss the most are you friends. When you get to tour with them it's amazing. The lowlight was the actual end of the tour. That and having to spend 19 thousand dollars on a new van mid tour.

How do you feel when your band is compared to Weezer?

I think it's cool. We are definitely influenced by them and we love their music so it's flattering. I just hope people see past the minor similarities and find something else in our music. I don't think we sound exactly like them, but there are elements.

Who in The Reunion Show is most likely to own a Britney Spears CD?

Me. I think, sadly, I have a promo copy of her first record from when I was working at Tower.

All in all, where do you get the ideas for some of the lyrics?

From everyday situations, from television and movies, .. wherever. Sometimes I'll say something that's so clever that I just HAVE to use it in a song. Or Mark will say something, and we'll have to write it down and use it later.

How did you wind up on Victory Records?

We were playing a show at the Fireside in Chicago with one of their bands and the whole staff was there to see the show. Tony really liked what he heard and had Angel, their representative in NYC at the time, contact us about possibly doing a record for them. At the same time the bands that we knew on the label like Taking Back Sunday and Catch 22 were pushing for us too. So with all that going on at once it was inevitable we would wind up on the label. In May of 2002 we finalized the whole thing while we were on tour and we signed while we were in Austin, Texas.

If you wound up on a Pop Goes Metal tribute, what song would you want to cover and why?

I'd probably do a Poison song. Anything that's too technical would be impossible for us to play. Plus Poison had sick hair metal anthems! It was fun music.

What are the future plans for The Reunion Show?

We are recording a Jawbreaker song for a comp. on Dying Wish Records. That's going to be fun. We're also touring non-stop starting in Feb. We'll be out with Hot Rod Circuit and Tsunami Bomb. We're going to be in a video game too for PS2.

Do you have any messages for fans or people who might want to check out your music?

Yes. The Reunion Show loves you and would love you more if you buy our record because not only is it awesome, it's fun. And you need to come see us live. That's where the "magic" happens.


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